Exhibit Display Design

UP Wheelchair, LLC

This exhibit design was created for the ASU Design School senior show as part of the InnovationSpace program, a year-long product development course involving students from different disciplines. My team designed and developed a wheelchair that uses pneumatic cylinders, similar to those in office chairs, to elevate the seat and reestablish user height. This benefits wheelchair users by allowing them to reach items at a higher level and speak eye-to-eye with other people.

The exhibit design is intended to demonstrate the loss of height experienced by wheelchair users, as well as how UP remedies the problem. The line separating white and blue denotes the maximum reach of most wheelchair users, with the shelf being entirely out of reach. The shelf represents the average height of most over-counter kitchen cabinets and is now reachable when UP is elevated.

The three cubes on the shelf showcase three of the main benefits of UP Wheelchair: The hand resembles “Reach” because UP allows the user to increase their reach by ten inches. The speech bubble represents “Social” because UP allows users to speak at eye level with other people. And the third cube stands for “Time” because UP saves time with its simple lift process.

The exhibit also features two iPads. The iPad on the left showcases an interactive 3D rendering of the product design, and the one on the right houses the website and a video where users can learn more.

The logo at the top of the exhibit is backlit, drawing attention to the exhibit while indicating the innovative nature of the product among a stagnant industry. The three cubes are also lit from the inside to further emphasize the three main benefits.

Below the iPad section is an integrated sleeve for business cards as well as a shelf for promotional material where we displayed pamphlets and our proposal book that is comprised of the business plan, engineering details, and brand plan.

In order to manufacture this exhibit, dimensional plans were drafted that listed the desired materials and functions of each exhibit element. Our team then worked with a local manufacturer to produce and quality check the display.

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