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Apelis Law Office

Apelis Law Office Logo

Apelis Law Office is the company for a solo practitioner, boutique law practice specializing in estate and long term care planning, probate administration, and Medicaid planning. Apelis Law sets itself apart by introducing a modern approach to estate planning – offering cost effective solutions to streamline clients’ estates and avoid costly scenarios. Erika, owner of Apelis Law, is extremely approachable and tries to avoid the stereotypical stuffy, unapproachable reputation lawyers typically have.

The target audience is seniors, younger families, and adult children assisting their parents with planning. The demographic also skews towards female since a lot of the clients are women and widows.

In order to portray the business in a way that appeals to the target audience, I took all of this into consideration during the logo design process.

We went with a modern, elegant design with a slight feminine feel. The logo incorporates a continuously looped A symbol that doubles as an abstract star shape. The star symbolizes guidance and protection, which are two important aspects of law. The symbol can also stand on its own as an icon.

Paired with strong typography that compliments the shape of the icon, and a deep indigo color scheme, the logo overall portrays a professional feel of trust and confidence.

Horizontal orientation of Apelis Law Office logos on different color backgrounds
Apelis Law Office business card design

 The “A” icon on the back side of the card features a spot UV ink, which adds a layer of gloss to make the star icon stand out.

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