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Empower Wellness

Empower Wellness Logo

Empower Wellness offers wellness plans and lifestyle modifications to treat chronic disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure and cholesterol with natural means. They offer education curriculums to empower people to take charge of their own health.

The target audience is broken down into three categories: people who are exhausted with the current medical system and ready for change, people who are unhealthy and want to get in shape, and active people who are looking to maximize their health.

Horizontal orientation of Empower Wellness Logo on different color backgrounds

With three key messaging goals of being perceived as knowledgeable, trustworthy, and compassionate, we decided to create a logo that is modern, dynamic, and inviting.

The logo features an abstract empowered person “jumping for joy” combined with a leaf, symbolizing the natural aspect of the brand. Together, the two forms create a yin-yang balance. We went with blue and green to symbolize the earth, and a pop of orange creates excitement and positivity.

We created a logo animation intro/outro for use with company videos that adds to the dynamic and empowering feel of the logo design.

The logo guidelines document outlines how the logo can be used, all of the color combinations, color codes, typography, and more.

Empower Wellness logo guidelines pages
Empower Wellness Facebook page and coffee mug logo mockup
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