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Healthy Sunshine

Healthy Sunshine Logo

Healthy Sunshine has been an independent distributor for Nature’s Sunshine products since 1999. Nature’s Sunshine is a high-end herbal supplement company.

Nature's Sunshine Logo

Healthy Sunshine wanted to distinguish themselves from the parent company, but still feel familiar to their customers. They wanted to use some similar elements of the parent company logo but also have some uniqueness of their own.

We decided to go with a more modern approach. We included some similar elements to the parent logo, but overall the new logo feels unique and stands apart as its own brand.

Vertical orientation of Healthy Sunshine logos on different color backgrounds and an icon version

This logo features a simple, modern version of rolling hills and sunshine. The hills also form the shape of leaves, which further emphasizes the Healthy aspect of the brand. The sunshine element also helps with brand recognition since Sunshine is part of the company name. It is bright, friendly, and inviting, yet still professional. There are 3 different layouts that can be used: horizontal, vertical, and horizontal with tagline, and this is allows for flexibility in marketing materials. The image mark can also stand on its own as an icon.

Healthy Sunshine Logo

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