Logo Design & Brand Identity

City of Page, AZ

City of Page Logo

However you define Western adventure and fun, Page is the place. From the water-sports playground of Lake Powell, to the striking beauty of Antelope Canyon, Page welcomes you to unsurpassed natural wonders, and positions you to enjoy all the nearby parks, monuments and cultural sites that embody the spirit of the West.

City of Page logo on different color backgrounds

With the goal of encouraging more people to want to visit the city, this logo concept for the city of Page, Arizona features three of the main attractions the city offers: stunning red rocks, lakes and rivers, and sunshine. Overall, the logo portrays the beauty of the scenery and appeals to nature lovers and adventure-seekers. The color scheme further embodies the natural coloring of the city.

City of Page street sign concepts

We created street sign concepts that showcase some of the exciting things you can do and see in Page, including exploring nature, participating in water sports, and going on air balloon rides.

We also designed some advertisement concepts that call out some key words that resonate with the target audience, like Wonder, Thrills, Adventure, and Culture. Each different ad features an image that matches the theme.

City of Page advertisement concepts
Tradeshow Event Graphics
Flyer Handout