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Process Doctorz

Process Doctorz Logo

Process Doctorz (PDZ) has a vision to change the world for the better, one process at a time. They are a leader in the process improvement industry, helping companies through focused training and mentored implementation of Six Sigma methodologies, lean tools, and leadership skills. Their goal is to provide customers with the tools and skills to effectively master and improve their processes, driving positive results to the bottom line.

The target audience is company decision makers, manufacturing facilities, and service industries. All of this information is important to know before beginning a logo design project, and everything is taken into account throughout the design process.

Horizontal orientation of process doctorz logo on different colors
Facebook page and coffee mug with PDZ logo

We came up with a modern and playful logo that features a unique “PDZ” graphic that illustrates moving through processes. It implies that Process Doctorz can take a complex problem and come up with a better, simplified solution that allows for business growth and improvement. There is also a venn diagram formed between the circular parts of the P and D, showcasing one of the lean six sigma tools.

The logo is not enclosed in a shape; it is open and approachable, giving it a friendly and inviting feel. The deep blue portrays strength, reliability, and trust, while teal is refreshing and uplifting. The fresh green represents harmony and growth. Overall, this logo has an exciting and positive feel while remaining professional.

Process Doctorz business card and letterhead design
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Tri-Fold Brochure Design