Logo Design

SigmaRho Consulting

Sigma Rho logo

SigmaRho Consulting is a manufacturing and quality consultancy, primarily focused on the automotive industry. They were looking for a bold, but still simple and minimalistic logo design.

Horizontal orientation of Sigma Rho logo on different color backgrounds
Sigma Rho logo on 2 coffee mugs

This logo features a check mark within a box, which illustrates the action of checking things off a to-do list and accomplishing tasks. It also doubles as a line graph showing a negative decline which quickly turns around and shoots upward, demonstrating the positive results that come from using SigmaRho for business improvement. The box is open on one side, subtly illustrating openness and honesty and being open to new ideas. Overall, the logo is very clean and simple with a strong visual impact. The sans-serif typography is modern and bold, signifying confidence and trustworthiness. The logo comes in two orientations, horizontal and vertical, as well as multiple different color options. It works well on any application and on a light or a dark background.

Sigma Rho lobby sign mockup
Product Brochure
Pull-Up Banners