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Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service

Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service Logo

Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service is a specialty referral surgical practice with experienced, board-certified surgeons and several valley locations. They are dedicated to providing pets with the highest quality surgical care with an emphasis on pain management and prevention.

With a target audience of veterinarians and pet owners, we decided some key messaging goals we wanted to emphasize were top-quality care, trustworthiness, and convenience. The logo and brand should feel modern, friendly, and professional.

Old Logo for Southwest Veterinary Surgical Services

They wanted the new logo to feature some of the key elements from the old logo, which emphasizes the southwest desert scenery. By keeping similar elements on the updated logo, we can provide a highly professional and polished look while strengthening the brand recognition that has already been built up over the years.

Horizontal orientation of Southwest Veterinary logo on different color backgrounds

The new logo has a very modern and clean look and feel, and it incorporates a saguaro cactus with sun rays coming out from behind it. The mark is easily recognizable, and the use of white space for the cactus helps to keep it simple.

The sun rays combined with the golden orange color create excitement and optimism, and the logo appears very open and inviting because it is not confined to a shape. The sans-serif typography paired with the image mark creates a well-balanced design and portrays a sense of trust and professionalism.

Southwest Veterinary icons on different color backgrounds

The original color scheme included a deep burgundy as the primary brand color, and other colors included dark navy and neutrals such as brown and beige. This color combination has a sophisticated and professional feel, and we ended up keeping a similar color palette. We added a golden orange color to add some excitement and help freshen up the brand. We also added secondary colors and incorporated this information into the brand standards guide.

Brand Standards Guide Design

We put together a brand guidelines document that outlines things like logo usage and spacing, color codes, typography, and more. This is an essential guide that can be provided to anyone who is working with Southwest Veterinary currently and down the road in order to ensure consistency with the brand look. It is useful for projects like the website redesign I did for them as well.

Southwest Veterinary Business Card Design

The business card design features a desert landscape image, further emphasizing the southwest aspect of the brand. We kept the front side as clean simple as possible because we had a lot of information to fit on the back. The back side showcases information for all of the valley locations since doctors often rotate between locations on different days.

Facebook Page Design and Coffee Mug Mockup

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