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UP Wheelchair, LLC

UP Wheelchair Logo

UP Wheelchair began as as student project in ASU’s InnovationSpace program, a multidisciplinary product development course that places senior-level business, industrial design, engineering, and graphic design students on a team where they work together to develop a product. UP Wheelchair is the product our team came up with, and we continued working on it after graduation. We now own a patent for the product design. 

Society has adapted for wheelchairs by adding ramps and elevators, but in many cases it has overlooked the lowered height of wheelchair users. UP Wheelchair reestablishes the height of wheelchair users by raising their seat up to 10 inches, giving them better reach, while also letting them talk eye-to-eye with other people. UP allows users to elevate the seat of their chair with a simple process that makes it convenient and easy to use, and provides instantaneous height adjustment.

UP icon on different color backgrounds

Our target audience is manual wheelchair users between the ages of 15 and 55 who suffer from paraplegia due to thoracic, lumbar, or sacral spinal cord injury. They are independent, self-capable people who do not rely on others to help them get through their lives.

The goal with this logo was to create something dynamic and modern. UP’s logo design illustrates elevation with diagonal lines that point upwards, and it also portrays stability with the flat line at the base. We chose a turquoise blue color scheme because it gives a feeling of calm, sophistication, trust, and stability.

UP wheelchair product rendering
Vertical orientation of UP Wheelchair logo on different color backgrounds

For the business card design, we created a simple, modern look and feel for the front with a bold emphasis on the logo mark on the back that points upwards towards our tagline, reach easy.

UP Wheelchair business card design

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