Vehicle Wrap & Event Graphics

VMI Graphics for Warrior Games

The Department of Defense Warrior Games is an annual sporting competition pitting disabled veterans from all branches of the United States armed services head-to-head in various sports while also including international competitors from the UK Armed Forces, Australian Defense Force, and Canadian Armed Forces. Teams are comprised of active-duty service members and veterans with various disabilities ranging from spinal cord injuries to traumatic brain injuries and visual impairment to post-traumatic stress. In this battle of sport, they compete head-to-head on the archery range, the cycling track, in the swimming pool, the basketball court, and many more arenas of sport.

In the military, “Humvee” stands for “High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle” and these machines stand strong as highly durable and dependable utility vehicles that transport personnel across rugged terrain. In the spirit of these vehicles, the limited edition VMI Honda Pilot “HMMV” concept vehicle, standing for “Honda Mobility Motor Vehicle,” aims to bring the same dependable and capable nature of the Humvee back home to the States.

The “VMI” and “HMMV” graphics on the vehicle are meant to look like the spray painted stenciling that is typically seen on military vehicles in the field, complete with soft edges and overspray. In order to develop these designs, I created stencils of the logos and spray painted them in the same way it is done traditionally on military vehicles. The design was then scanned, corrected for color and shape, and used to generate a vinyl vehicle wrap design that was produced by a local vinyl printer. Below is the template design showing relative size of the components.

As part of the advertising campaign, the hashtag #mywarriorjourney was created so veterans could share their empowering stories and foster connection within the community. Additionally, we created a full page print ad as well as a landing page, complete with a submission section where veterans could tell their story. T-shirts displaying the logos, the hashtag, and the URL were also created and given out at the HMMV unveiling.

Credit to VMI’s VP of Marketing for the HMMV concept and Lane Terralever for the #mywarriorjourney hashtag.

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