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Join me on a journey through creativity as I look back on some of my favorite projects from 2022. Narrowing down the choices is always a tough endeavor, as I genuinely cherish every project that comes my way. Each project I work on holds a special place in my heart!

From collaborating with incredible clients across diverse industries to embracing a multitude of project types, I’ve condensed the selection to six standout projects. Each of these highlighted projects signifies a treasured partnership and a love for the creative process. 

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Wildfire Nature Logo over a gray forest image

Wildfire Nature Branding

Truckport Express Folder Design

Truckport Express Promo Items

Inversiones TP Logo over a dark blue/green ocean background

Inversiones TP Branding

Paramount Trip Pocket Agenda Brochure and Web Page

Paramount Ireland Trip Materials

Therametric Technologies Logo over a dark blue abstract tech background

Therametric Technologies Branding

Screenshot from a 10ZiG inspirational video

10ZiG Inspirational Video

Truckport Express

Promotional Items & Tradeshow Graphics

Peace of Mind 5K Logo Design in Three Different Layout Variations

I curated an array of promotional items for Truckport Express, strategically designed to elevate its presence at events and tradeshows. This comprehensive ensemble includes a thoughtfully crafted folder design, branded business cards, an eye-catching canopy design, a tablecloth, and an array of branded merchandise such as pens, carabiners, phone wallets, hats, and polos.

Each element within this collection serves as a testament to Truckport’s commitment to professionalism and cohesive branding. These promotional materials collectively harmonize the visual identity, enabling Truckport to make a memorable and distinct impression in diverse settings, reinforcing its status as a reliable and high-caliber shipping and logistics company. With this tailored suite of items, Truckport stands poised to capture attention and leave a lasting mark on its audience.

Peace of Mind 5K Brand Guidelines and Checker Pattern
Inversiones TP

Logo Design & Brand Identity

Set of Sage Tri-Fold Brochures

Inversiones TP, an El Salvador-based investment firm, sets the stage for a dynamic branding evolution. “Inversiones,” Spanish for investments, is harmoniously paired with “TP,” derived from Truckport – a sibling company to ITP and a valued client of Composion. Inversiones TP will be an overarching brand that has many other companies under its umbrella.

The logo’s abstract design incorporates tentacles, subtly hinting at an octopus within the typography. Octopi, renowned for their intelligence, adaptability, and tenacity, embodies the ethos of the brand. Having many different tentacles, an octopus also signifies the diversity of brands encapsulated by Inversiones TP.

Set of Sage Tri-Fold Brochures

The tentacles’ graceful interplay with typography lends a playful aura without compromising the logo’s professionalism and trustworthiness. Anchored by a deep blue palette that resonates with the hues employed by sub-brands, the design establishes visual harmony between parent and subsidiary entities, fostering unity.

Additionally, the brand guidelines document stands as a roadmap, offering insights into using the ITP logo, color palette, and typography. It’s a comprehensive tool that ensures consistency when using the brand assets.

Paramount Pool & Spa Systems

Ireland Dealer Trip Materials

Sage Building Signage Standards Document

Each year, Paramount Pool and Spa Systems hosts an enticing dealer expedition known as Passport to Paradise. This exclusive program allows dealers to accumulate points towards the cost of attending. In 2022, I played a pivotal role in designing items for the memorable Ireland trip, a venture that unfolded through a Dromoland Castle pre-trip and a main trip with stays in Dublin and Killarney.

My creative involvement took shape in various forms. For the Dromoland Castle pre-trip, I designed a pocket-sized agenda, intended to be a quick and easy on-the-go reference. I also conceptualized elegant name badges and a carefully curated menu for the farewell dinner, adding a touch of personalized sophistication to the trip.

Sage Building Signage Standards Document

As the journey extended into Dublin and Killarney, I designed and developed a mobile web page that acted as a hub for essential trip information. This digital resource encompassed a streamlined agenda, daily schedules, an array of Dublin and Killarney highlights, as well as invaluable travel tips. This digital companion ensured that participants could easily access and navigate through their Irish escapade.

Therametric Technologies, INC

Logo Design, Branding & Brand Strategy

Therametric Technologies logo designs

Therametric Technologies, Inc. hired Composion for the Comprehensive Brand package, which provides a strong strategic foundation for the brand identity. I did research into the target audience and direct competitors and put together an in-depth, 27-page brand strategy document, which laid the foundation for the brand’s identity.

Throughout the research phase, I discovered the core values that are most important to the target audience, corporate dental product manufacturers. This helps in determining brand positioning, messaging, and visuals. Innovation, product safety and quality, sustainability, and societal impact are among the most important values the target audience holds.

Therametric Technologies brand strategy presentation
Therametric logo embroidered on a white coat and shown as interior building signage.

The redesigned logo pays homage to Therametric’s original concept, where an arrow morphs into a star, depicting the process of an innovative idea forming. The five-pointed star symbolizes the human body, while the forward and upward-pointing motion signifies progress and new ideas. This represents how Therametric helps to improve human health through the growth of new ideas.

The color palette, dominated by blues, radiates trustworthiness and dependability, while the geometric typefaces play up the “metric” portion of the name and evoke a modern aesthetic.

Therametric’s refreshed brand was strategically designed to fit within a gap in the current market. By combining playful and modern styling, we achieve a balance of innovation and tradition. The Therametric brand now embodies innovation, dependability, and experience, effectively reaching out to its target audience and setting the stage for growth.

10ZiG Technology

Inspirational Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Still frame from 10ZiG video shown on a computer screen with 4 pages of storyboard shown to the right.

The objective behind this video project was to ignite enthusiasm among IT professionals by showcasing the excellence of 10ZiG’s products.

Strategically managing a modest budget and a tight timeline, we creatively integrated a thoughtfully curated collection of stock video footage.

Leveraging the script and voiceover provided by the 10ZiG marketing team, my role encompassed crafting the visual narrative. I laid out a detailed storyboard, which outlined each script segment’s visuals and illustrated the overall flow of the video. With their seal of approval on the storyboard, I seamlessly transitioned into the editing phase.

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